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Clicker Heroes game

Clicker Heroes
Clicker Heroes  is a free online game for both mobile devices and web browsers, firstly released in August 2014 under the administration and management of Playsaurus Company.
It is so obvious that Clicker Heroes is a very specially action game of Idle genre known as Incremental game. A key feature of this game genre is very simple task, players just play a role and make a few simple clicks or touch the screen to defeat enemies, monsters and collect coin or gold. However, it is not because of that, Clicker Heroes loses its inherent attractiveness, in contrast it is also considered one of the most addictive game for the players because of impeccable challenge, unique, impressive gameplay and receptive game. To play Clicker Heroes, players will have to collect many kinds of money named Hero Soul and use it to upgrade and complete the task. The higher the level is, the more difficult it is and the players will increasingly confront with terrible and dangerous bosses, which requires you to be very nimble. Touch continuously the screen to kill monsters, which fatigues your hand. Thus, not only is your keyboard skill improved, but Clicker Heroes also trains the players the perseverance.

Some key features of Clicker Heroes
Overcoming thousands of different areas to defeat the monsters and bosses.
Unlock 9 active skills to master the battles.
Gather Ancients to explore the more powerful support.
Build or join a clan available to beat the super terrible monsters in Immortals.
Download Clicker Heroes to phone
Essentially, initial Clicker Heroes version is designed exclusively for PC. However, through upgrades and enhancements, Clicker Heroes is currently released in most of iOS, Android operating system… You can download now to experience.
To download Clicker Heroes, players need to access to Google Play on mobile devices running the Android operating system and Appstore for devices running iOS operating system. Then enter the keyword “Clicker Heroes” into the search. Now, the interface screen will display the game application, you simply click “Install” to download the game free to your device and install.
If you want to download Clicker Heroes to your computer, you need to download the APK file from the browsers and install. This requires taking a certain amount of time to complete. Therefore, you should download it to your phone for easy use and entertainment anytime. You can also play Clicker Heroes online if you want.
Clicker Heroes are getting these positive reviews and feedback from critics and the gaming community. It deserves to be worth game and is the most interesting game despite of PC version or mobile phone one.
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